The South-Caucasus Computing and Technology Workshop in 2016 is an event that follows on from the similar workshops held in 2010, 2012 and 2014. They brought together experts from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Western European countries, and groups from the South Caucasus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) to discuss the scientific applications of distributed computing and LHC related technologies. It aims at fostering contacts between CERN and people in these countries for the development Grid/Cloud computing, technology and outreach purpose applications. The workshop will include discussions about distributed computing and CERN technology developments and scientific applications in the South Caucasus countries. Special attention will be paid to the evolution of the new Grid cluster at the Georgian Technical University and to collaborative projects. The workshop will facilitate the establishment of direct contacts between senior and young scientists from the South Caucasus countries and international experts, thus contributing to the advancement of scientific research and setting the landscape for future collaborations.


2010 - First ATLAS-South Caucasus Software / Computing Workshop & Tutorial

2012 - Second ATLAS/CERN South Caucasus Software/Computing Workshop & Tutorial

2014 - South-Caucasus Grid & Cloud Computing Workshop