The course is built on the base of four main subjects:

 Engineering Product Modeling
 Manufacturing Process Modeling
 Data analysis and management
 System customization

Each subject contain the various number of core (CU) and optional (OU) units:

(CAD) Engineering product modeling - extent in breadth and depth the awareness and understanding of computer aided product and manufacturing process modeling and to gain an understanding of the advantages and limitations in quality and performance that these can provide to an industrial enterprise.

  CAD1 (CU):
CAD2 (CU):
CAD3 (CU):
CAD4 (CU):
CAD5 (CU):
 The fundamentals of computer aided product modeling
 Computer aided product design
 Finite element analysis
 Design for manufacturing and assembly
 Fast prototyping and virtual reality

(CAM) Manufacturing process modeling - expand the students imagination beyond just creating interactive graphics, and illustrates how geometric modeling and graphics can be utilized in design and manufacturing applications.

  CAM1 (CU):
CAM2 (CU):
CAM3 (CU):
CAM4 (CU):
CAM5 (CU):
 Fundamentals of numerical control
 Computer aided manufacturing process design
 Systematic approach of CAD-CAM integration
 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
 Advanced manufacturing systems

(DAM) Data analysis and management - An introduction to conceptual database design. CASE tools. Relational and object-oriented DBM'S. Intelligent and CAD databases. Management of engineering data, networking. Tools and methods of concurrent engineering, virtual enterprises.

  DAM1 (CU):
DAM2 (CU):
 Engineering data representation for product and process modelling
 Product data management

(SC) System customization - off the shelf CA design and manufacturing software does not reach its full potential unless it is customized for specific applications. This course introduce advanced concepts and methods of object-oriented programming and shows how to implement them in CADCAM.

  SC1 (CU):
SC2 (CU):
SC3 (CU):
 Object-oriented and visual programming
 Third-party programming
 Artificial intelligence in design

1st year
CORE   Credit 1st term 2nd term
Object-oriented and visual programming SC1 15 P P
Third-party programming SC2 5 P
Artifical intelligence in design SC3 5 P
Systematic approach of CAD-CAM integration CAM3 5 P

2nd year
CORE   Credit 1st term 2nd term
Product data management DAM2 5 P  
Third-party programming SC2 10 P  
Artifical intelligence in design SC3 5 P  
Systematic approach of CAD/CAM integration CAM3 5 P  

OPTIONAL   Credit 1st term 2nd term
Computer integrated manufacturing CAM4 5 P  
Advanced manufacturing systems CAM5 5 P