CE1: Course introduction, CE philosophy (BF)

CE2: Market driven design (BF)

CE3: Material selection (BF)

CE4: Process capability and selection (BF)

CE5: Process selection exercise (BF/EG)

CE6: Manufacturing Cost Structure for DFM (BF)

CE7: Computer aided DFM (Concurrent Costing - BDI/EG)

CE8: DFM using the BDI software (BF/EG)

CE9: Design for Assembly - manual approach (BF)

CE10: Manual Design for Assembly exercise (BF)

CE11: Computer aided DFA (BF/EG/AS)

CE12: DFA exercise using the BDI software (BF/EG/AS)

CE13: Fastener technology (BF)

CE14: Design of "snap-fit" fasteners (BF)

CE15: Tolerance Technology (BF)

CE16: Tolerance exercise (BF)


CE18: Rapid prototyping (AS/BF)

CE19: Bench-marking for CE (AJPW)

CE20: Team Building for CE (AJPW/BF)

CE21: Team leadership and team performance games (AWJP/BF)

CE22: Course review and assessment (ALL)