Nuclear IT Engineering

Supported by

Georgian Technical University

M.Sc (Hons)     Computer Systems
Specialization:  Nuclear IT Engineering / Application
          Nuclear IT Engineering / Development

Nuclear Engineering is special field of engineering activity for designing and construction of scientific devices of High Energy Physics (HEP) research and experiments. Nowadays HEP research is going more and deeper in investigation of principles of the universe. As a result, facilities for experiments are becoming more and more complicated which brings completely new engineering challenges for their design and construction. There is no similarity with traditional designing and construction approaches and methodologies implementing in auto-motto, aerospace or ship building fields.

NITE sets aim to:



Provide a firm foundation of IT engineering activity on the construction and maintenance phases of nuclear physics facilities
Establish links between IT engineering tools and nuclear engineering original tasks
Learn principals for integrated product development on CATIA platform
Train ability for simulation and engineering analysis
Have a knowledge and skills of software development on the base of C++ object-oriented programming
Development of system customization and third-party programming knowledge

MSc in NITE is considered as an interdisciplinary course. MSc degree can be obtained by taking 120 credit points (CP) of core and elective units and after defending the dissertation work. Standard course duration is 4 semester. Course foreseen two different specializations – NITE/Application and NITE/Development. NITE/Application is focusing on implementation of IT engineering tools for new product modeling and design. NITE/Development makes it aim on IT engineering tools customization and system development. Formation by selected specialization is possible through the elective subjects and MSc thesis.