Information Technology in Nuclear Engineering

Education Program was created in Georgian Technical University

M.Sc (Hons)     Master of Science (MSc) in Informatics

Objective of the program is:
Learning information technologies tasks and methods for design, construction and maintenance of nuclear physics experimental facilities;
Learning of computer aided design based geometry modelling methods of experimental facilities;
Learning of data acquisition methods in complex systems on the example of nuclear detectors;
Learning of data transferring and distributed computing methods for the physical processes simulation and reconstruction tasks in nuclear detector;
Learning of object-oriented programming and software packages customization methods for the nuclear engineering tasks.

The student will be able to :
  - Connect engineering program packages with nuclear engineering tasks;
  - Analyze engineering geometry models of physical experimental devices;
  - Analyze efficiency of modeling tasks, process reconstruction tasks, data transmission and distributed computing tasks for ongoing experiments on nuclear detector.
  - Design and create 2D and 3D geometric models of physical experimental devices based on computer-aided design;
  - Receive and process data from complex systems;
  - Process engineering-project databases of physical experimental devices;
  - Program geometrical descriptions of physical experimental devices for process simulations;
  - Client/server applications for nuclear engineering tasks.
  - Make presentation both for scientist of nuclear physics and wide audience;
  - Demonstrate his/her readiness for efficient communication with collaborative groups.