Collaborative Project with CERN

Project Responsible:
from CERN:  Marzio Nessi
ATLAS Technical Coordination chief manager
from Center: Alexander Sharmazanashvili
Engineering center chief manager

Information about Report

Under this project CAD/CAM engineering center is responsible for development of full 3D CATIA model of ATLAS Detector. All models are presented into Euclid environment while since designing works were started, Euclid was recognized as official designing platform at CERN. ATLAS has collaboration with more than 140 institute's world wide and designing works are carried out more than 10 years. So, there is extremely large amount of 3D's belonging to ATLAS detector - more than 28'000

ATLAS Muon System with Alignment Rays, May, 2006

CAD/CAM engineering center's activity includes various steps as follow:
1) Identification of status (Relevant/ not Relevant) of model to be transferred
2) Downloading models from CERN central database
3) Editing model in Euclid according to rules for successful transformation
4) Registering and uploading models in database at CERN
5) Management remotely the transformation tools at CERN
6) Checking results of transformation by comparing initial Euclid model with generated CATIA model
7) Updating corresponding to ATLAS detector CATIA product structure

In case of receiving the wrong transformation results, CAD/CAM engineering center investigating problem in depth and fix it. For this purpose first, stuff investigating geometrical trees in generated .CATParts; comparing it with Euclid tree; understanding reasons why transformation application was failed; editing initial Euclid model; manual transformation in CATIA; checking results; in case of fixation of problem above mentioned steps of transformation are doing for changed Euclid model; in case if problem remain, another iteration is going on

Euclid model
Generated .CATPart model

This procedure is time consuming and requires high qualified designers in both CATIA and Euclid.