CAD/CAM Engineering Center was established on the base of so called CAD/CAM Division - team of researchers at Georgian Technical University. CAD/CAM division has reach traditions of scientific research in the fields of manufacturing process modeling and system customization. Main results of scientific activity of CAD/CAM division has been summarized in Doctoral dissertation work of Alexander Sharmazanashvili.

Process modeling methodology developed by division is based on special feature technology, so called CTF (Constructive-Technological Features). CTF formalism includes parametrical representation of shape and associate with it various process plans built on the base of group technology. Process plans include formal representations of instruments, fixtures, tool movement scenarios, cutting condition optimization rules and CNC macros. Thus, implementation of CTF by feature recognition or feature-based design procedures enables fast and reliable identification of manufacturing process and dramatically decreases CNC set-up time.
On the base of CTF, CAD/CAM division developed methodologies and corresponding automated procedures of feature-based design, manufacturing process planning tool selection, cutting conditions optimization, CNC subroutines and macros synthesis.

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In the field of system customization CAD/CAM division developed object-oriented architecture of CA process modeling applications. 3 hierarchies in system architecture with corresponding classes of objects have been separated:
1st - process level of objects classes' enables system customization according to manufacturing process - turning, milling, drilling, etc.
2nd - level of objects classes' enables system customization on the group of parts
3rd - level of objects classes enable system customization on the end-user part level.

Above presented distribution enables separation of objects according to mathematical, algorithmical, or manufacturing process oriented characteristics into different classes and as a result avoid necessity of involvement in system customization professionals with top qualification simultaneously in different topics. Also, above described architecture cuts down the time and increase reliability of customization as a process itself.